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A woman’s journey

Words from the heart by Jet Izabella Thurmann

Intuitive piano music by music professor Werner Elmker

When you hear these poems,

I want to touch you heart,

and I hope you will

recognize, cry and laugh.

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Shall I be with you my love?

Shall I be with you my love – in this life – will you receive my devotion and endless love for you.

Will you come to me and let me drown myself in your tender caresses?

Will you be with me at noon tide in the summer of my life, when the flowers are blooming filling the air with sweet aromas and life is full of love, harmony and bliss.

Will you sing and dance with me and celebrate our passionate love for life and each other?

Will you walk with me under the stars at the sea when the waves are sending their roaring holy songs into the vast horizon.

Will you come to me in the evening tide in the winter of my life – when it is dark, snowing and cold and my old age is knocking at my door and the wings of sorrow are scattering my days?

Will you show me your beautiful face and caress my old body with your loving kisses.

Will you fill my life with your spirit in every form of experience?

Will you be there with me at night when my death is approaching?
Will you then share your deep wisdom and lift the veil and let me see the truth of Eternity?
So I can go into my next life with love knowingness and bliss – in sat – chit – ananda.

If I shall not be with you my love – who then shall I be with?


Jet Izabella Thurmann
during Deep Breathwork
May 2005